Marek J. Olszewski

Managing Partner

Marek J. Olszewski is the Managing Partner and co-Founder of Catalus Capital, a multi-strategy private equity fund. He has led the company’s $500 million of investments and exits since inception in 2011, with leading performance results. 

Marek is a passionate investor who also manages a diverse personal portfolio of private equity, real estate, debt, and other securities. Marek was previously a Managing Director of Corporate Strategy and M&A at Nasdaq where he led the evaluation of dozens of corporate mergers, acquisitions, JVs, and investments. He was promoted three times in as many years, received a CEO Award, and selected for the High Potential Program. He started his career as an Investment Banking Analyst at Fieldstone Private Capital.


Marek graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in Economics and a minor in Urban Real Estate from The Wharton School.